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Tips for preparing your roof for Winter

When winter approaches, it is time to check out your roof to prepare it for the coming months. By preparing ahead of time, you may avoid potential weather problems that can be brought on by the snow and cold, and this could, ultimately, save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

What to Examine Inside Your House

When preparing for your winter roof inspection, start by looking inside your home. The following items should be examined:

• Leaks: Leaks can become a major problem if your roof has problems with sealant. After precipitation, go to your attic and look for signs of a leak, such as water stains, condensation, or dripping water. If a leak is spotted, be sure to contact Canadian Roof Specialist to discuss repair options before more problems arise.

• Insulation: Insulation is necessary to prevent the build up of ice on the roof. A properly insulated attic can trap heat inside that can prevent ice build up.

• Ventilation: Ventilation is also necessary to prevent the build up of ice, as properly circulating air can help to prevent this from occurring.

What to Examine Outside Your House

Checking for certain things outside your home is also essential to preparing your roof for the winter moths.

• Ice Dams: Ice dams are a common winter roof problem, as they occur when ice gathers at the roof’s edge and then prevents water run off. Water will continue to collect and freeze, and this pressure is placed on the roof. This is the source of many winter leaks.

• Gutters: Gutters should be free of branches and leaves, as a damaged gutter can prevent the proper draining of water off the roof. This can damage roofing materials and can cause leaks.

• Limbs and Large Branches: Tree branches that have landed on a roof should immediately be cleared off, as they will place unnecessary stress onto the structure of the roof. This can ultimately prevent water from proper drainage.

Have a Canadian Roof Specialist give you peace of mind over the winter. Call us today!

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