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​​​The roofing in Ontario is a largely unregulated industry, and anyone can call themselves a roofer.

Many roofers come and go. They may give a great deal upfront, get as many jobs as they can squeeze in, and then change names or close the business, rendering your warranty useless. If the roof is improperly installed, even the manufacturer warranty is considered void. This leaves very little protection and recourse for the homeowner. Savings you a few dollars today may end up costing you thousands in the near future. We follow manufacturer requirements and recommendations to get you the best roof installed, for the best value, covered by the manufacturer warranty without exception.


Canadian Roof Specialist uses only vetted installers in Ontario ready to work on your roof


When you choose Canadian Roof Specialist for your roofing project, you are ensuring the future of your family’s home to the highest quality vetted installers. We take great pride in its service, materials, and workmanship without compromise, installed to manufacturer specifications. You deserve a roofer who cares about you and your home and that’s what we deliver. Fueled by our commitment to excellence, we are committed to doing the very best work on each and every roof installed. Our roofing specialists will come out to your home to provide a free roof inspection and discuss the various roofing options based on your needs without the sales pitch.

Raising the Bar in roofing

Most roofing companies offer only one type of roofing material, and only one manufacturer product pushing the only products they carry on you. We offer a variety of asphalt shingle roofing, Metal roofing, and Solar roofing (coming soon) raising the “BAR” by providing the ideal combination of the three benefits most desirable to homeowners -Beauty, Affordability, and Reliability.

Even the best roofing systems installed poorly will fail. Our teams of installers are trained in their specific type of roofing system ensuring that you will get a top-quality installation backed by the manufacturers' warranty.


Wondering what sort of guarantee, warranty, peace of mind you will get if a Canadian Roof Specialist takes care of your roof? Once the roofing job is complete, you can rely on us for any after-sale support and questions that you may have.

Canadian Roof Specialist, a Canadian-owned and operated company, ensures that your roofer is fully insured and will provide you with a 10 year labour warranty on all roofing systems and a limited lifetime warranty on all materials backed by the manufacturer. We will be glad to provide you the respective detailed manufacturer lifetime warranty for review during our presentation (On-line or in person) prior to making your decision.
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