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Your Stouffville Roofing Contractor

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Finding a quality metal roofing contractor in Stouffville or just a general roofing contractor in Stouffville is a daunting task. Many roofers lack experience, insurance and are quite often fly by night companies that change their name every year to avoid honouring their warranty. They may offer great pricing upfront in an effort to get as much roofing work for the year. Certainly tempting for the homeowner to save a few bucks however you have to consider the consequences of poor products and workmanship to your home.

Canadian Roof Specialist makes your search quite easy. We are proud to offer quality service, materials, and workmanship using vetted installers that get the job done right the first time.

Whether it is premium metal roofing, repairs to your roof, or top quality asphalt shingle installation, you can count on us.

Get a free instant online quote from your own device or call us today!

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