Summer Roofing Promotion

Free Upgraded Optimal Vents to cool off your roof and increase energy efficiency if you book your new roof this summer

By simply increasing airflow in your attic you can decrease the heat.


Although there are many different types of roof vents to choose from, ensuring you have the right number of both intake and exhaust vents is a central part of roof design. Proper attic ventilation offers numerous advantages to the homeowner:

  • As the ventilation helps moderate the temperatures in the attic, this will also help moderate the temperature in the rest of the home

  • It helps prevent moisture buildup in your attic, which, during colder months, can help prevent condensation issues that can affect the materials in the attic space, especially insulation.

  • By preventing excess heat buildup, proper ventilation promotes energy efficiency in the home, so your heating costs may be lower

  • It helps protect the life of the roofing materials (condensation is a leading cause of damage to roofing materials, such as asphalt roofing shingles)

  • It helps you remain compliant with most local building codes, which often require proper attic ventilation in homes

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