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Canadian Roof Specialist Certification

Toronto Metal roof

Even the best roofing product installed incorrectly will fail. Our Canadian Roof Specialist certification includes a vetting process for our installers by contacting random previous customers to share their experiences in both customer service and quality of work.

Registration, Liability insurance, WSIB clearance, and working at heights certification are all verified by Canadian Roof Specialist to ensure that only the best installers will be working on your roof.

Prior to any work commencing, we will:

  • Provide a copy of our insurance certificate.

  • Provide a copy of the Workplace Insurance Safety Board certificate.

  • Provide a copy of our operating license.

  • Protect your home and surrounding area from falling debris.

  • Tear off all old shingles to the wood deck.

  • Inspect the wood deck for rot and warping areas.

  • Install ice and water shield eave protection to all installed eaves.

  • Install name brand shingles with your choice 25 years to limited lifetime guarantee shingles.

  • Install proper ventilation to the roof (1 sq. ft for every 300 sq. ft of attic floor area).

  • Install closed valleys with aluminum/metal underneath shingles to ensure maximum protection.

  • Install new metal flashing where it is needed or refurbish to "new" standards.

  • Install your roof according to the manufacturer published instructions ensuring a valid warranty

You can rest assured that whether it is Canadian roof specialist or a CRS certified sister company working on your roof, all strict certification standards are met.

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